Apostrophe or Catastrophe - 2011 Miami Dolphins Offense

Hello Dol-Fans!

As some of you may know, I’m extremely excited with the prospects of our beloved Miami Dolphins this season. There’s a lot to be optimistic about! The hiring of OC Brian Daboll and his implementation of the proven West Coast Offense, drafting quality cornerstone players (i.e. C Mike Pouncey, RB Daniel Thomas, and FB/TE Charles Clay), and the second consecutive year of DC Mike Nolan’s Defense. Seems perfectly reasonable and logical to be optimistic, wouldn’t you say?

Which brings me to my question, with all of this optimism… will the Dolphins’ Offensive season be filled with positive statistics (apostrophes), or repeated catastrophes (a la 2010)? Only time will tell, but as a glass-half-full kinda guy I’ll go with the apostrophe side, and here’s why:

Newly implemented Offensive Systems will experience some lumps in the beginning, but opponents haven’t seen this from Miami before, and will get burned at times (advantage - Dolphins).

With Mike Pouncey at Center, C/G Richie Incognito will be able to move back to his natural position at Guard, solidifying the O-Line, and creating better opportunities for both the running and passing games (advantage – Dolphins).

Replacing aging RB Ricky Williams and injury prone RB Ronnie Brown with a fresh, young RB like Daniel Thomas will also help. The slashing, powerful, hungry runner, baring a chip on his shoulder is never a bad thing (advantage – Dolphins).

Adding another solid piece in rookie hybrid FB/H-Back/TE Charles Clay will present match-up problems for opposing Defenses similar to that of the Colts’ H-Back/TE Dallas Clark (advantage – Dolphins).

Adding a blazer like WR Edmond Gates (4.31 sec./40) will open the underneath, short, and intermediate routes for Brandon Marshall, Davone Bess, and Brian Hartline. Not to mention… all you have to do is hit this kid with a decent pass once on the fly, and he’s likely to go the distance (advantage – Dolphins).

Call me crazy, but these changes could really boost the Offense and push them over the top!

All I can say is, Go ‘Fins Go!