Are the Miami Dolphins Making Moves?

So far, I have only been hearing speculations and rumors coming from the Miami Dolphins concerning the players they may be aquiring or letting go. I hear from the NFL network that we MAY have a deal to get Bush from New Orleans and we MAY be getting a deal done to pick up Kyle Orton from Denver.

It just seems to me that the Dolphins are moving too slow and players are disappearing quickly. Are we going after Bradshaw or not? We need to be. Are we going to let Ronnie and Ricky go or not? I would like to hear a lot more concerning what we are doing, as time is running out. What say you and who else is out there that you would be going after? I see Sproles is still there. Is he worth a look? And what is the price we are paying for Bush and Orton if we are indeed going to be picking them up? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.