A Closer Look at Miami Dolphin Draft Pick Jimmy Wilson

To follow on with Richard's look at our draft picks I wanted to give a Dolphinshout out to Jimmy Wilson. I believe the Miami Dolphins did very well in giving this guy a shot and here's why.

We may want to keep an eye on Miami Dolphin 7th round pick Jimmy Wilson. We all know Wilson was arrested for the shooting death of his aunt’s boyfriend during an argument in June 2007 before his senior year at Montana. After one trial ended in a hung jury with all but one juror finding Wilson not guilty, a second jury acquitted him on July 9, 2009. Wilson returned to Montana a year later for his senior season at 24 years of age with his life nearly taken away from him.

Wilson had 50 tackles for the Grizzlies his senior season and left as the career leader in pass deflections with 26. He had eight career interceptions and 190 career tackles. Mike Hudson, Montana’s linebackers coach had this to say about him, “It’s not often you have to hold a kid back from being physical, but with Jimmy you had to hold him back. He was one of the fiercest, if not the fiercest competitor I have ever coached.” His secondary coach at Montana, Tim Hauck now with the Tennessee Titans said, “He was going to be the guy that made the play that helped you win games.”

Here’s a guy most folks only hear about because of all the things that could go wrong in a man’s life, but for some this is exactly what motivates them to be better men and better football players. As the old saying goes, “what doesn’t kill you, will make you stronger…” The tribulations of Wilson’s life can only serve to make him stronger and that is the reason Jeff Ireland took a chance on him in the 7th round. Not many players make an NFL team after being drafted in the 7th round but something tells me this one will.

Wilson was known at Montana for his ferocious hits. Look him up on YouTube one time and see what I mean. This is the guy who has been missing from the Miami Dolphin kick and punt coverage teams. He is the guy who will run down the field with reckless abandon taking no regard for his body. The wedge buster… He’s the guy who makes those game changing hits that can be heard from the stands and over the TV. The Dolphins have not had a guy like that since Larry Izzo.

Welcome aboard Jimmy! I look forward to watching you knock the snot out of some KR causing the fumble that turns the game around on one pivotal hit.