Have the Miami Dolphins Done Enough?

Hello Dol-Fans!

Take a look around, if you dare; Free Agent players are being swapped and signed everywhere! So where does this leave our beloved 'Fins in 2011. Well, until we sign a quality veteran QB to compete with Chad Henne, we're in quite a bind. Honestly, we need much more than that to be completely truthful. Let's take a look.

Positions of Need: QB, RB, OLB, DE, S

QB - Aside from signing Pat Devlin, the Dolphins are still trying to lock-up Kyle Orton. To date, that's still "in the works", so it really doesn't count.

RB - Signed Reggie Bush to a 2 year contract, but with his injury track record, it's best to resign Ronnie Brown as insurance.

OLB - We really haven't addressed this need as of yet. I believe the Front Office is hopeful that we can manage with what we've got on hand. Unfortunately, we won't know for sure until we see live action in the Pre-Season, and by then it might be too late.

DE - Resigning Randy Starks allow some shuffling along the D-Line which could open up some possibilities. We really won't know for sure what we'll have until we see some Pre Season games. I believe this is still a great area of need and concern.

S - This area has been a weak one for a few years now, and the Dolphins just haven't found the right combination to assist Yeremiah Bell. Hopefully we'll see a miracle in this area, but as of now there doesn't appear to be one on the horizon.

All being said... I believe the Dolphins will have a very competitive team this year with a lot of potential.

I'll keep my eyes peeled and ears alertly listening for additional updates, and post them ASAP.