Is Kevin Kolb Right For The Miami Dolphins?

Ok, so I've been hearing a lot of talk about the Miami Dolphins possibly going after Kevin Kolb for their need at the QB position. My question is, is Kolb the QB we should even be taking a look at? Would Kolb be an improvement over Henne? Would he be worth a draft pick or a player trade? Looking at his stats versus Henne's, I'd say no.

First, Kolb has way less NFL experience than Henne. He has played in 19 games in his NFL career versus Henne's 32 games. Not worth a draft pick so far. In 2010, Kolb's completion percentage was 60.8 versus Henne's 61.4. Still nothing. Also in 2010, Kolb had a rating of 76.1 versus Henne's 75.4. Not a big gap there and certainly not enough for a draft pick or trade.

If we look at interceptions versus touchdowns, we will see that both are prone to interceptions with Henne having more career interceptions only because he has played in way more games. Kolb is well on his way to matching or surpassing Henne in that department.

Also, we should keep in mind that Henne has had time with this team and knows the players. I'm not saying he has the respect of all of them, but that is still something that hangs heavily in his favor and will make a big difference, especially with how little time teams are going to have to prepare for the season.

So, I ask you, is Kolb even worth a look for the Miami Dolphins? Again, I'd say no. We are not going to upgrade at the QB position, so why bother? The Miami Dolphins need a QB that is going to make an impact right away and with much more talent than Kolb would bring.
What do you think?