Is Reggie Bush the Key to Unlock the Dolphins Offense?

Hello Dol-Fans!

In another wacky day of whirlwind trades and signings, I have to admit that this one caught me by surprise. I knew our beloved Dolphins would make FA splashes, but Reggie Bush? ‘Fins GM Jeff Ireland must think very highly of a player that has never really produced out of the backfield in his entire six year career, and reward him with a two year, 10 million dollar deal.

For those of you who aren’t quite up to speed on the Bush-Meister… I’ll provide you with a quick synopsis: 2005 Heisman Trophy Winner, USC (later revoked after the NCAA declared him ineligible); 2nd overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft by the New Orleans Saints; featured member of the XLIV Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints. Doesn’t sound too bad does it?

Nope, not ‘til you look a bit deeper, then red flag warnings begin jumping off of the page! Let’s take a peek:

2006 – Rushing: 565yds. on 155 carries (3.6 avg.), 6 TD’s; Receptions: 88 for 742yds., 2 TD’s, 2 Fumbles

2007 – Rushing: 581yds. on 157 carries (3.7 avg.), 4 TD’s; Receptions: 73 for 417yds., 2 TD’s, 8 Fumbles

2008 – Rushing: 404yds. on 106 carries (3.8 avg.), 2 TD’s; Receptions: 52 for 440yds., 4 TD’s, 3 Fumbles

2009 – Rushing: 390yds. on 70carries (5.6 avg.), 5 TD’s; Receptions: 47 for 335yds., 3 TD’s, 4 Fumbles

2010 – Rushing: 150yds. on 36 carries (4.2 avg.), 0 TD’s; Receptions: 34 for 208yds., 1 TD, 2 Fumbles

By looking at this, you can easily deduce that he’s not a true rushing RB, but more of a hybrid RB/WR that suffers from chronic fumbling woes.

In all fairness to Mr. Bush, he did excel in his PR role for New Orleans, returning 4 punts for TD’s and was consistently considered a threat to go the distance.

So what’s the “skinny” on what South Beach can expect from Reggie Bush? Simply put, we’ve gained a veteran RB/WR/PR hybrid player, to be paired with our new “between the Tackles” workhorse in RB Daniel Thomas. We can fully anticipate seeing Bush mostly run sweeps and pitch running plays, as well as anticipate that he’ll often be aligned in the slot opposite WR Davone Bess. Additionally, fully expect Reggie Bush assume the duties of our primary Punt Returner.

All things considered, it may not be a bad move seeing as though we receive a 3-for-1 special in Reggie Bush. Additionally, he adds an element of explosiveness to the Offense which was lacking last season. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he can stay healthy for the next two years, and be the role player the Dolphins Front Office imagines he has the potential to be.