Kyle Orton Joining The Miami Dolphins Still May Be A Possibility

I have been hearing, and I believe, that it is still possible that the Miami Dolphins could end up trading for Kyle Orton.

There have been a lot of rumors recently, which you can expect with such a busy time in the NFL. I have heard some say that there is still a good chance that the Dolphins could end up getting Orton, and I have heard others say that the deal is dead.

So when in doubt, analyze, and that is just what I am going to do.

It makes more sense to me to think that the Dolphins still want to get Kyle Orton.

First off, I have heard a good amount of chatter regarding Chad Henne and a lot of bad passes in just two days of practice. While that is bad news for Dolphins fans, it could also be good news because it could convince Miami that they NEED to get a real quarterback like Orton. Henne's poor play could very well trigger the Dolphins to make a trade out of desperation and get Orton.

Second, Orton's value is going down simply because most other teams have already added their quarterbacks and there aren't really that many options for him anymore. When Orton realizes that he isn't going to get the kind of money he was demanding at first, he will be more willing to lower his price to come play in Miami. He does not want to be a backup behind Tim Tebow, and I get the feeling he will start to be a little desperate himself and be willing to take a lot less money.

Third, I know the Dolphins do not want Matt Moore as their backup. Moore just isn't the type of player you want to rely on if your number one goes down. I would much rather Orton as the starter with Henne as the backup. That would be a lot better.

And last, this is the type of thing Jeff Ireland would do. He will look for the best bargain for a player, even if it is a player that they need really badly. He knows that Henne has been looking bad at practices so far. He knows that Orton would be able to do a lot better than Henne. He is just trying to get as much value as possible, which is sometimes a good thing and sometimes a bad thing, and this time it is bad. He needs to go ahead and pull the trigger on the trade. Orton may not have a lot of options right now, but it isn't like the Miami Dolphins are the only possible team that he could go to. He could end up going somewhere else and the Dolphins would be forced to stick with Henne, and I am pretty sure Jeff Ireland doesn't want to rely on Henne this season with his job potentially on the line.

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