A Little Levity Before The Crush.

This is brought to you by 13kvFINS, one of the new writers you will see from time to time. Welcome aboard 13.

Heyy all, THANX for having me!!
In the future, after some actual news take's place
I'll contribute some serious indepth opinion's on OUR FINS, but
I'd like to start-out by lightening the mood toward's OUR TEAM
while simotaneously letting everybody know I have quite the sense-of-humor!!
IMHO, for the last few year's BParcells has been the lead negotiator
in all unsuccesful attempt's @ acquiring the top talent's we've persued, (staff/player's)!!
This is my (13kvFINS) view of how every interview went
while being considered for employment by the tyrant
BParcells/Mr Tarkanian/Will Farrell !!!
The part of Tony Sparano is played by Chris Kattan,
while Jeff Ireland (with the pitch-fork) is played by Kris Parnell !!
PLEASE watch with a smile in appreciation
that now our team can do the job's they're paid to do
with-out the fear of castration, or perhap's worse!!
It's basically a new regime, and to start this new year
they deserve some benifit of a doubt!!
Rejoice & Enjoy!!
BP was on the golf-course when BMarshall & KDansby were interviewed, (@ Ross' request), LOL!!
BP quit a couple month's later!!