A Look At The Miami Dolphins Kevin Burnett

Ok, so it has been said a number of times that the Miami Dolphins have done next to nothing during the free agency period, and I, like others, am very disappointed. Maybe one thing they have done right is to bring in Kevin Burnett from the Chargers.

Now, I was not very happy to see them let Crowder go, but Burnett does have some decent numbers. Last year, he had 80 tackles, 6 sacks, and 2 interceptions. Crowder was averaging close to 60 tackles per season, and had 2.5 sacks and 1 interception last year. I would think that we have upgraded at that position with this move, even though a lot of it had to do with Ireland's personal relationship with Burnett from the Cowboys. I guess we just have to grasp at what we can, and hope that Paul is right about the Orton deal. Maybe, just maybe, that will come to fruition.

Maybe one day the Miami Dolphins will have a quarter back that we can get excited about. Until then, we can just lust for the day that we have a new coach and GM.

Any thoughts? Thanks for reading.