Matt Moore To The Miami Dolphins?

Now that the players have voted and the NFLPA is getting ready to re certify, Bucky Brooks from NFL.COM suggested Matt Moore from the Carolina Panthers, to QB the Miami Dolphins. He is a long shot but like Bucky said "an affordable PRICE". I disagree. First of all, Matt Moore is no better than, or possibly worse than, Henne when it comes to interceptions. And when you look at it, what has he done? Moore doesn't have Henne's cannon but seems to have Henne's lack of judgment in his early days. Why would we bother with Matt Moore if it won't be an improvement and possibly worse? If we are gonna go for another QB, let's be serious. Let's look for a veteran to mentor Henne and quit messing around like we have been since Dan Marino left. Chad Pennington showed great promise and that he could win, but not the ability to stay healthy. If he returns all the better. But that's in doubt with his knee injury. I say for now we stick with Henne and see what he can do. What say you?

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