A Look At What Could Happen To The Miami Dolphins Roster

I was reading a post by Omar Kelly at sunsentinel.com, and I got started thinking about the Miami Dolphins' roster for this year. Not only are they going to have to move quickly, but they will have a lot of options if they play it right. Teams will be letting players go at an alarming rate (including the 'Phins) and the free agent market will be filling up rapidly!

Now, we all know that the Dolphins have not made the best picks in the past and have sometimes wasted draft picks and money on players that didn't pan out. We also know that the Dolphins have let good, quality players go when they could have kept them. Zach Thomas comes to mind, here.

I'm not totally on board with the Dolphins letting Ronnie Brown go, in fact I'm on the fence with this one.
I am, however, totally on board with bringing in Deangelo Williams! That's already been discussed, but I would like to know what moves you would be making if you were in the driver's seat. There will be some great players out there, so who do you think we have a decent shot at getting? I'm still hoping for Williams or Bradshaw. I also wouldn't mind getting someone like Portis, who I understand may be coming up for grabs.
I'm not sure I can put much trust in Sparano or Ireland or even Ross, but my fear is that we will have to move so fast that we may miss something or just make a big mistake all together. After all, we may only have three days to get things done. That's a scary thought.

What would you be doing?