Miami Dolphins RB Kory Sheets Answers Your Questions

A while ago I asked you guys to give me some questions to ask Kory Sheets, a Miami Dolphins running back who has the potential to be something special in the NFL.

Well, I have finished asking him all of the questions, and I have his answers here for you now. I hope you guys enjoy:

Are you happy with the way Miami is revamping their offensive line?
"Yes, they are adding more depth and youth to it, and that will allow us to do more things on the field."
Are there any specific players that you would want the Dolphins to add to the line?
"No, I am happy with everyone that's on our roster."
Have you lost any speed from last year due to the injury?
"From what I can tell not at all. Just need to get the trust back into it and I'll be as good as new."
How does a player work to increase their quickness or burst?
"I've done a lot of calf work and jumping at different heights and speeds."
Have you had any opportunity to meet with new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll? What is your impression of him and the type of offense he plans on installing?
"Yes, I've met him one time briefly, don't really have any impressions yet, but as soon as the lockout is over I'm sure I'll get one."
Have you had a chance to work out with the rest of the Dolphins led by Chad Henne? If so, do you like what they are doing and how they are doing it?
"Yes, that's where I'm working out as we just lift and run as a team."
Are you working on plays and the offense or are you just lifting and running?
"Just running and lifting now."
Do you expect to be returning kicks this year?
"I'm sure I'll take some kicks back, but my main focus will be to earn the starting job at HB if Ronnie doesn't come back."
What do you think of the wildcat?
"It's a fun set that makes the defense play on their heels.
What are the pros and cons of hiking directly to the RB, now that everyone seems to be on to it?
"Pros are you have a guy catching the ball that can just take off right away without having to have it be handed off. Cons are if there is a passing play the ball may not be put in the right spot all the time."

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you guys enjoyed the interview. I am going to ask him some more questions about the player workouts, because it concerns me a little that he said that they aren't working on plays or the offense right now.

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