Orton is available. Can the Miami Dolphins get him?

The Denver Post reported this morning that Kyle Orton is going up for trade. There are three teams, including the Miami Dolphins who may be targeting Orton. One of those teams is the Arizona Cardinals, who may have their hearts set on Kevin Kolb. That may be good news for the Dolphins.

My question is, what would be an acceptable price for the Miami Dolphins to acquire Kyle Orton? Me, I think no higher than a third round draft pick. As much as I would like to see Orton go to Miami, I would like to see us be more conservative when picking up players than we have been in the past. My buddy Dave at www.jjsjigs.com, who makes amazing fishing jigs by the way (and yes that is a plug for a die hard Dolphin fan), says we can get Orton for a third round draft pick or higher. I hope he is right.

Now I ask you, what would be an acceptable price for Kyle Orton? And if not him, then who would you be looking at? Like I said before, I think we can expect a large improvement from Henne. Do you think we should rely on him or go after Orton? Let me know your thoughts!