Reader Submission: A Unique And Optimistic Look At The Miami Dolphins Right Now

Hey everyone, I have a little piece submitted to me by Kenny Nicholas (you know him from his comments as 13kvFINS) that looks at the Miami Dolphins right now in a very optimistic, but entertaining way.

I hate to call him a reader because he has contributed a lot to Dolphin Shout, but anyways, here is what he submitted to me. I have tried to keep it as close to what he submitted to me as possible:

You know I've suggested all-along that even if we fielded the same 2010 team in 2011 that the difference of QB friendly play-calling, a somewhat healthy cohesive OL, reasonable team-wide health, and a few executed play's here and there could be enough to surpass those guys with an airplane on their helmet!!

They (the Jets) have lost several key cogs that single-handedly won numerous games for them and will come back to the pack (to some extent) IMHO, while we've become no-weaker than our 2010 team that was a healthy OL, intelligent play-calling, clock management, execution of an easy play here and there on all three sides of the ball, or a bad referees call away from double-digit victories!!

Correct any one phase, or make one more play in five (one score losses) of our nine defeats, and we potentially win twelve 2010 game's, but I'll take ten or eleven!!

They've definitely lost some key components, and we have definitely added a delinquent aspect of serious speed to 2010/2011's team, with youth and versatility at RB with Reggie Bush, Daniel Thomas, Nic Grigsby, FB/TE/TB with Clay, and at WR/KR/PR with Reggie Bush Clyde Gates!! (Who they gonna kick away from), who they gonna cover when Bush/Thomas, Clay, Gates, Marshall and Bess are all on the field??

Besides that, I'd really be frustrated if we gave up 2012's 2nd rounder for Orton or anybody (even though I like him), while I believe we still might get him for extra cheap, compensatory and contract wise!! I've said for 6 months, I didn't want to give-up a 2nd rounder for a QB that's likely to be an 2012 FA if he stays where he is (which is likely)!!

If Denver isn't willing to take a 4th at this point, we'll get him for free when they have no other choice, be it this year or next!! (If we still need/want him at that point)?? I think they're foolish if they let him go!! What do they do if Tebow struggles or gets hurt?? But @ 9Mill, hopefully they'll be forced into foolishness, and make (presently looking like Bozo to some) Ireland look like Belichick!! Either way another veteran will be brought in on the cheap (Orton, Bulger, Delhomme).

I have faith in CH behind a cohesive OL, reasonable team health, wise play-calling, and a few executed plays beyond CH's control in all three on field phases of the game. I also know that he himself can't help but be more efficient in executing the wide open plays that he missed in 2010!!

We can forget about surpassing the Pats anytime soon, but second place sounds really good to me!! How-bout you??