So Here is What The Miami Dolphins Have, Let's Hope For The Best!

Well, not much activities from the Miami Dolphins camp so far, or just not what we were counting on.

We have three quarter backs, but not what we were counting on.

We picked up a running back, but not what we were hoping for.

As usual, we are disappointed in the decision making of our front office. The best we can hope for is some pleasant surprises. I, for one, will remain optimistic and hope for the best. Maybe Henne will come out, be a super star, and lead the Miami Dolphins to at least the first round of the playoffs!

I still have some faith that Reggie Bush will improve our back field and I am glad we got him. I am still hoping for another back, maybe bringing back Ronnie, or getting someone else. I am still hoping for a lot of improvement from Henne and am glad we at least have someone to back him up if he gets hurt. No, Matt Moore is no better, but he is something. Maybe Devlin will blow us all away! Seriously, we have to grab at something!

Perhaps the best we can hope for is that the two pet monkeys in charge will once again show how inept they are, finally be held accountable, and Ross will get a pair and do the right thing.
I know the other writers and myself were hoping to have better news for Paul when he came back, but it didn't happen. Better luck next year, I guess.

Your thoughts?