Thigpen is leaving the Miami Dolphins

The NFL network is reporting that Tyler Thigpen is leaving the Miami Dolphins.

With Thigpen leaving, that leaves the QB situation in Miami even more crucial. I blogged before about Kyle Orton possibly coming to the Miami Dolphins. I didn't think it was a huge possibility before, but now I see it becoming more of a possibility. With Thigpen gone, we are left with just Chad Henne, so now we HAVE no choice. I expect the Miami Dolphins to be releasing players at a rapid pace, seeing as they were already 5 Million dollars over the salary cap. I predict that Ronnie and Ricky are already gone, but now I ask, who do you think the Dolphins will release to make room for the players they need? The QB position is not the only need the Dolphins have. They also need a couple of running backs, which I will blog about later. I see Kevin Kolb going to Arizona and Kyle Orton coming to Miami.

How do you see this playing out?