Things have to get done by the Miami Dolphins today!

OK, enough is enough and we can't wait much longer to get things finished in the Miami Dolphins world! All we've seen actually get done is a trade for Reggie Bush. Otherwise, we only hear about the Miami Dolphins negotiating, or who they would like to pick up. There are not a lot of quality players left out there and they are getting picked up quickly! We news a QB and Kyle Orton is just about all that is left, so we need to get the deal done. We also need to get at least one more running back and very few are left. I hope the front office has something up their sleeves or we could be in trouble or miss out on some good players. I can understand them wanting to see if the Broncos cut Orton but what if they do something else and keep him because they don't get what they want for him? We will be going into the season with a not so good QB situation.

I hope we hear something soon.