What If...The Miami Dolphins Sign Kyle Orton?

It's time for the second installment of the "What If" series. This time we will be taking a look at what will happen during preseason if the Miami Dolphins sign Kyle Orton.

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What if the Miami Dolphins sign Kyle Orton?

As soon as training camp starts Tony Sparano indicates that Chad Henne has the advantage because of the amount of time he has had to work on the offense, but that Orton will be given a fair shot at the starting job. A lot of fans want to see Orton out there starting, but he is at a disadvantage because of the lockout and the fact that it has given Henne more time.

Henne starts the first week of training camp pretty consistently. Orton shakes of a bad first couple of days and starts to really play well. As training camp progresses and Orton learns the offense better, he starts to pull away from Henne, and fans start to get excited about what Miami can do now that they have a legitimate quarterback.

The player that most benefits from Orton being on the field is Brandon Marshall, who has really benefited from having an old teammate giving him the ball. The Orton-Marshall connection gets stronger and stronger as preseason games start.

Throughout the preseason Orton starts to distance himself to Chad Henne. The fan base really starts to get excited about Orton, but you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at Henne's facial expression.

Reports surface about Henne working 10-12 hours a day, 7 days a week, trying to win back the starting job that everyone knows Orton is currently holding. His efforts are in vain, though. Orton finishes off the preseason with yet another great game, and it is officially announced that Kyle Orton is the starting quarterback for the Miami Dolphins.

In a press conference a few days following the announcement of Orton receiving the starting job, Brandon Marshall is visibly ecstatic and believes that the Dolphins will be able to do great things with Orton under helm.

In an interview, Stephen Ross says the following,
"I am not going to make any predictions about the kid we have at quarterback, because past history says that doesn't work very well, but I can tell you that this kid is the real deal. Kyle Orton will be able to do some special things here in Miami."

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