What If...The Miami Dolphins Sign Vince Young?

Today I will be starting a series based on what would happen if certain events occur to the Miami Dolphins. I will be looking at what I think might happen in training camp if a certain player is added to the Dolphins.

I hope you guys will enjoy this, and I want to thank John McAdams for the idea. He is saving a lot of us(me the most) from offseason boredom, and gives us something interesting to talk about.

I am going to be doing this series a lot until the lockout is removed, which, I have heard is likely going to be lifted by the 21st. Don't hold me to it, but I have a good feeling about this date. There is too much pressure for something not to get done at that time in my opinion.

Now, for the first "What If."

What if the Miami Dolphins signed Vince Young?

As soon as training camp starts, Tony Sparano vows to give both Chad Henne and Vince Young an equal chance for the starting job (there is a third QB on the roster, but he is a longshot and I will pretend like he isn't important enough to talk about). The majority of the fans in Miami want to see Vince Young starting, but he will have to win the job, and Henne has had a long time to work on the offense and with the players.

Young, surprisingly, starts working very hard on trying to learn the offense and win the starting job. Henne won't be outdone, though, and both players are always the last to leave the practice facility.

As camp goes on, patterns start to emerge when each QB is on the field. Whenever Henne is on the field Anthony Fasano and Davone Bess seem to excel, and whenever Young is on the field Brian Hartline, Daniel Thomas, and Edmond Gates play better. Brandon Marshall doesn't really seem to do any worse or any better with either player. He has been the best receiver at camp regardless of who is throwing the ball.

The first three preseason games are split pretty evenly with Vince Young having the slight edge. Both players are given pretty much the same amount of playing time. After the first three games Young has one interception compared to Henne's three, but one of Henne's picks was due to Brian Hartline slipping and falling on a curl route. Young also has a slight advantage in touchdowns with four to Chad Henne's three.

Going into the last game a lot of fans start to get excited because they finally think that they can be rid of Henne and that they will have a quarterback that has the potential to be a superstar in Young. That doesn't end up being the case, though. Henne comes out in the second quarter (Young played in the first quarter) against Dallas and throws for three touchdowns, 175 passing yards, and no interceptions in that quarter alone, stunning Vince Young and the entire Miami Dolphins fan base.

At the end of camp Tony Sparano names Chad Henne as his starting quarterback, and while Sparano doesn't say it, everyone knows that Henne will have a short leash during the season. Many fans argue that you can't base your starter off of how he performs in the second quarter of a preseason game and that Young's college history alone should put him above Henne. Other fans argue that Henne makes the most sense as the starter and that Young's NFL history is too much of a concern for Miami to allow him to have the keys to their team.

That's all I've got for now. I hope you guys enjoyed this, and I encourage you to change any of the above scenario to what you think would happen. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by, now let me hear your side of the story.

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