When Do We Get Started?

So the owners have put forth and voted on a CBA and it has gone to the NFLPA. The Miami Dolphins and the rest of the league have it in front of them and need to review it to see if it suits them. The question is, how long will it or should it take to go over it and put it to a vote? I understand that this will be a long standing contract and it is important to get it right, but does it seem like no one is in any mode of urgency to get things done?
Part of me thinks that maybe the owners are the only ones who are trying to get this settled and the players, especially Demaurice Smith, are just dragging it out. Another part of me realizes that the players have to be careful and protect themselves. I will be honest with you all, I am not very impressed with Smith and think he is more of an agitator than anything else. Is he the reason the players are taking so long to read and understand the CBA? I don't know but this has to get settled and it doesn't take weeks to read and vote on this thing.

What do you all think? How much time do you think it should take and how much of the season do you think should be sacrificed? Maybe I'm just being selfish, but I'm ready to get started. Also, the players need to have enough time to get better conditioned and work with coaches. Otherwise we are going to have a sloppy and injury filled season that no one will enjoy.

Your thoughts?