Who is the Answer to the Miami Dolphins QB Conundrum in 2011?

Hello Dol-Fans!

With the anticipated lock-out coming to a halt, it is time to determine the direction of our beloved Miami Dolphins Offense. Chad Henne may have the time and continuity advantage at this point, but is he really the answer to the Dolphins QB conundrum? If records and playoff appearances mean anything… I’d have to say a resounding no!

So now what? Where do we go from here? The Dolphins didn’t draft a highly touted QB prospect this year, so the only real option is signing a key Veteran Free Agent to compete for the job. Rumors have been circulating for weeks about all kinds of possibilities (i.e. Vince Young, Kevin Kolb, Mark Bulger, Kyle Orton, Matt Hasselbeck, etc…), but realistically… none of them fit the needs of this team. The ‘Fins need a young QB that’s energetic, a proven leader, adept in the West Coast Offense, efficient and effective in throwing the intermediate routes, intelligent, methodical in preparation, and is NOT habitually injury bitten. I’m afraid that rules out all of the aforementioned (and rumored) candidates. So who then you ask?

I introduce to you… Matt Flynn, back-up QB of the Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers. Who? Though he’s not a household name yet, Matt Flynn will be. Why would the Dolphins be interested in bringing a four year back-up QB to Miami to compete for the starting job, you ask? It’s quite simple really. He’s a better option than Chad Henne, he won’t command the price tag of the others, plus he’s been studying under QB guru Mike McCarthy, and along side of Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers, and future Hall of Famer Brett Favre. He’s just the right blend of youth and experience, and did any of you see how he methodically dismantled the Patriots defense in Foxboro last year? He had less than a full week to prepare for that game, and virtually no running attack to speak of to support him. Imagine the possibilities behind a solid O-Line, a powerful RB, Pro Bowl WR’s, serviceable TE’s, and unlimited practice reps, to prepare for our hated rivals. It almost makes your mouth water doesn’t it? Mine too.

So listen up ‘Fins Front Office! If you have winning in the forefront of your minds, you better be willing to pull the trigger and make a deal with Green Bay for Matt Flynn. Dolphin Nation deserves winning seasons, playoff berths, and Championships, and this is the best option.