Are Chad Henne and the Miami Dolphins Victims of the Mob Mentality?

Brett Favre, are you kidding me? You’re kidding me, right? You are kidding me!

I’ve come to think that the Miami Dolphins have the worst media in the NFL, pure sensationalists without any home town spirit or passion. One supposed journalist openly professes his dislike of a quarterback when this journalist has never stepped one foot on a football field, except to wave a microphone in someone’s face. It’s called preening to the audience, and it’s getting worse by the day.

The problem stems from the internet taking over for hardcopy news print. In the past when an article was written and a person wished to make a comment on it, they actually had to write a letter to the editor and hope the paper printed the rebuttal in the “Letters to the Editor” section. This is all different today and it has created a new form of reporter.

Sensing they were on the path of the dinosaur newspapers adapted to the internet by creating blogs that would drive hits and hence page views for advertisers. In the past very few people ever went so far as to write a letter to the editor, but with blogs every person with a computer on the internet has the ability to instantly respond to every article written on the web.

The object of the game for the blog writer is to drive page views and these come mainly through cultivating a somewhat permanent audience (some would call it The Mob). These are folks who either have no life at all or who are independently wealthy and can spend all day bantering amongst themselves on a blog. The insidious part of this mob mentality is that it requires the writer to sell out to the passions of the mob. When the number of hits escalates in direct proportion to a certain topic then the writer knows he has hit the hot button and continues to pound on it.

Thus is the case with Chad Henne and the Miami Dolphins. The small percentage of folks in this mob drive what the media puts out in the blogs and it is all about hate. A blog writer knows when one topic will increase his viewers. He also knows the newspaper blog down the street will not hesitate to write the same article in different words and they will continue to write these inflammatory articles until the object of their obsession is run out of town by the noose carrying mob.

Do these writers and blog posters truly represent the majority opinion of the average fan? No, these are people on the fringe, the wannabe players, coaches, or writers who are so obsessive they would spend all day, every day, on a blog. Yet, these are the folks who are driving the media that the average person reads every day for information. This information is being distorted by the few folks on the fringe and the average person is led to believe that Chad Henne is the worst QB in NFL history…

Listen up folks, football is a team game played by eleven men from each team on the field for each play. While the QB is the fundamental piece on the field, he is nothing without the rest of his team. If the Dolphins understand their own strengths and weaknesses and have the chemistry to believe they can execute those strengths better than the other team, Miami will win, ask Mr. Shula…

So while the mob sits around and bashes OUR QB, this writer refuses to be used as a hit for the sensationalist media blogs and will continue to be a true fan of our Miami Dolphins!