Chad Henne Really Could Be The Miami Dolphins Answer

The Miami Dolphins may finally have their quarterback. After all of our debating about Chad Henne and other quarterbacks that we wanted the Dolphins to get, we may have finally found our answer.

Chad Henne played really well against the Panthers last Friday. He didn't throw a single pick in 24 attempts, and he threw for 194 yards with a 62.5% completion rate. Yes, it was the Panthers, but he still did a lot of good things and was on target with pretty much all of his throws. My favorite part about everything Henne has done so far is how he has taken over the offense, but don't just take my word for it. Here is what Miami receiver Brandon Marshall had to say about it after the Panthers game courtesy of the Miami Herald:
"I love how Chad took over the offense. He's just done a tremendous job of taking over the huddle. You need that in a quarterback."
Hearing that from Marshall is incredibly exciting. Think about it, Marshall was the most outspoken player against Henne at the end of last season. He would have taken practically any other quarterback over Henne, but not anymore. Marshall now supports Henne, and that has been crucial to their relationship. They are talking more than ever. For proof just read this quote by Chad Henne again courtesy of the Miami Herald:
"We talk more than we ever have before. Every play, we're talking. If I miss a pass and he runs a route, we talk about it. We're making sure we're both aware of what happened."
So according to Marshall, Henne is really becoming a leader, and according to Henne, he and Marshall are really starting to work well together. I don't know about you guys, but that really might be the best news we have heard all offseason. The common opinion throughout the NFL is that the Dolphins lost out during free agency by not trading for Kyle Orton, but that may not be the case. Maybe Chad Henne really is the quarterback that he was hyped up to be at the beginning of last season. Do I think he is going to be THAT good? No, but I still think he can be a good NFL starter.

This next game against Tampa Bay will be crucial, though. Henne has been known to regress after a good game like this one, so it will be important for him to play against the Buccaneers just as well as he did against the Panthers.

Let's cross our fingers and hope he can, because I would like to root for a winning team this season and this next game will be a good indicator.

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