Come Watch The Miami Dolphins Scrimmage On Sunday

The Miami Dolphins will be holding a scrimmage Sunday at 1:50 pm for anyone who is interested. The scrimmage will be held at the Davie practice facility, and I encourage anyone who can show up to go and show your support. This will be our last chance to see the Dolphins in a full-on game situation before they go to Atlanta to play their first preseason game against the Falcons.

It would also probably be better if you don't chant anything negative about Chad Henne, because there is a good chance that it will get the attention of the entire country and make Tony mad.

I am hoping to get some pictures from the scrimmage as well, so anyone who takes some pictures from the scrimmage and emails them to me at will get complete credit for the picture(s) and a few Dolphin Shout bumper stickers for free. I will even pay to mail them!

Even though I know you guys are stoked about the chance to get free Dolphin Shout bumper stickers already I will provide you with some extra motivation! Here's a picture of the bumper sticker that you could get:
Incredible huh? I know you guys are excited about this chance, so be sure to go and check out the scrimmage.

Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to your pictures.