Dolphin "Pod" rescue attempt of Chad Henne.. Part Two: Tailbacks!!

Hey Fellow Fin-fo-addicts, hope this comes to you when feeling all bright-eyed and BUSHY-TAILED.. Speaking of tail, that's about the only view many opponents will have (from on their butts and/or from behind) when attempting to face-up against

They say that "a bird in hand is worth two in the Bush"!!
In this case, I think it goes a flock of birds on the offensive-line are worth "two in a Bush"!!

From my birds-eye view from within my mind, I'm envisioning a healthy Reggie Bush being the starter for our Miami Dolphins!! Now that's not suggesting that he'll always get the bulk of the carries from the tailback position, just that he'll start at tail-back, and likely get between fifteen to twenty carries!! I believe that 2011's second round draft pick Daniel Thomas will pretty-much match the repetitions/carries of Reggie Bush at tailback, while Bush will gather total yards in manning other positions as well (flanker, receiver, wildcat back, etc., etc..)

Here's where I see the two in a Bush theory (if Reggie Bush and the OLine can stay healthy)!! I see no reason why Reggie Bush can't single-handedly come within a few hundred yards of the production of both Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams combined 1790 total yards of offense and only 8 Touchdowns in 2010!!

I can also easily envision Daniel Thomas equaling the 2010 production of one or the other in Ricky or Ronnie (they were basically the same production-wise).. Ronnie had 734 rushing with 242 receiving yards and 5 TD.. Ricky had 673 rushing to go along with 141 receiving yards and 3 TD.. After occasionally being able to watch Thomas play on television over the last two years for Kansas State, thoroughly evaluating him through the draft process, and during his few Dolphin moments it's quite evident to this hawk (me) that he doesn't possess the bad hesitation habits that Cam Cameron instilled in Ronnie while trying to turn him into a much slower LaDanian Tomlinson!! I believe that Thomas is already every bit the tailback that Ronnie ever was, and that not being the feature back and/or being the focal-point of opponent's game-planning should keep him fresh, while opening lanes that Ronnie never hit quite quick enough!! He, in turn, is highly capable of doing anything else that Brown was able to do if'ya know what I mean!!

No, no, don't say-it, it'll have a small paragraph in "part three"!!

Speaking of part three.. As the three we then have the return from injury of 26 year old Kory Sheets who's a burner that can score from anywhere on the field, and likely would have taken some of Ronnie's 2010 reps while running circles around 2010's number three in Patrick Cobbs (another favorite, but c'monn mannn)!! Oh yeah, we currently still have Lex Hilliard, and we all know who Lex is, should he be needed!!

All in all, 2010's entire running back unit (fullbacks included) accumulated 2,007 total yards rushing/receiving, and a mere eleven Touchdowns!!

I personally have strong confidence in 2011's tail-back unit surpassing 2010's unit by four to five hundred yards while producing quite a few more touchdowns in the process!!

Now, don't misunderstand me. I have great appreciation and respect for both Ronnie and Ricky!! It's just that both were far beyond their prime, extremely predictable, bored, and easy for the opposition to gameplan against, whereas this new stable is full of prime, young, unpredictably difficult to corral wild stallions in search of a Mare and/or Pigskin in the heat!!

AGAIN, this is all contentious to the flock of birds on the power line staying energized/healthy while transferring that cohesive electricity to the ground-game resulting in a "Burning Bush,"and the condemnation of Chad Henne's demons!!

Thank you for the open-mindedness in reading, and for what ever opinions you'd like to add!!

GO M I A M I D O L P H I N S !!!