Dolphins at the Bucs

Folks, I will be heading to the Dolphins - Bucs game tonight... If there are specific things you would like my impression of, please post and I will reply tomorrow in a seperate article.

I will also give a full report on the game...

My main focus during the game will be on the offensive line. My opinion is, if this team has a chance to be better than the last couple years the improvement will have to come on the O-line. Moving Carey to guard, how Colomubo plays at RT and the play of Pouncey are the what I believe to be the most important match-ups, not only for this game but for the season as well.

Secondly I would like to see how Henne has matured and if he can follow up on last week's performance. I have been one of the few fans who has maintained that QBs take at least 3 years to develop in the NFL. For that reason I have not been on the train of Henne bashers, but this year he must make the progression to being a good NFL QB or I will jump on board. I don't believe he has to be Tom Brady, but he must at least be able to limit his mistakes and make big plays in timely moments.

The 3rd pre-season game is the most important one as far as assessing the starters and getting a good idea of how the team will play this year. It's still a pre-season game so drawing too many conclusions from it is probably a mistake, but this one has a game plan and the starters should come out to start the 2nd half.