Forget Kyle Orton, Miami Needs Tim Tebow!

Hello Dol-Fans!

It’s been widely reported that Miami is (or was) actively seeking a deal that would bring Kyle Orton to South Beach to replace Chad Henne as the starting QB. Many ‘Fins fans are publicly clamoring for this to happen, and while the theory has some merit, I believe I’ve discovered a better solution; trade for Tim Tebow!

I can hear the collectively panicked “what?” already, but if you take a moment to think about my suggestion… I’ll show you why this actually makes a lot of sense.

1. “The Price is Right” - Denver’s not budging on their trade demands (1st or 2nd Round Draft Pick) for Kyle Orton, but would their demands be as high for Tim Tebow? Doubtfully. Miami would most likely acquire Tebow for a 3rd Round Pick, plus he wouldn’t command the same size contract Orton would ($8 - $9 million/yr.). This provides Miami a rising star, for probably half the price.

2. Tebow doesn’t fit in Denver – John Elway is making all of the personnel decisions in Denver now, and it’s clear that Tebow doesn’t fit Elway’s QB mold. I know he’s publicly stated that he wants to give Tebow a shot,but I sincerely believe that’s all “lip service.” He knows who he wants, and Tim Tebow isn’t it!

3. Talent Level Comparison - Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow are eerily similar statistically, yet no one seems to be drawing the parallel. Here’s the 2010 breakdown:

Kyle Orton – QB Rating: 87.5, Completion %: 58.8, Avg. Yards/Completion: 7.34, TD’s: 20, Interceptions: 12, Rushing Avg.: 4.5 Yds/Carry; 0 TD’s, Fumbles: 3, Games Won: 3, Games Lost: 10 (.230 Win %)

Tim Tebow – QB Rating: 82.1, Completion %: 50.0, Avg. Yds./Completion: 7.98, TD’s: 5, Interceptions: 3, Rushing Avg. 5.3 Yds./Carry, 6 TD’s; Fumbles: 1, Games Won: 1, Games Lost: 2 (.333 Win %)

Judging by the numbers… Tebow actually out performed Orton in his limited opportunities (3 games vs. 13) last year, and he was a Rookie! Imagine the damage he could inflict if he was given the nod to be the full-time starter!

4. Growing Ability – Kyle Orton’s been playing in the NFL since 2005, and his “M.O.” has always been the same. He’s steady yet predictable, and he simply does not have any room to grow. Tim Tebow is a clean slate with incredible talent, heart, athleticism, ability, and intelligence. He’s a dual threat QB that can electrify any crowd, and has nowhere to go but up. Mark my words… he will learn, he will improve, and he will succeed somewhere in the NFL. Why not Miami?

5. Leadership – Every team needs a proven leader. A guy that every exhausted player in the huddle can turn to for inspiration, motivation, and direction. While Kyle Orton has displayed some leadership qualities, Tim Tebow commands them. His ability to energize, inspire, and lead are well chronicled. Are Kyle Orton’s? If so, I’ve never seen them!

6. Revenue – Which player will put more butts in Sun Life Stadium seats? That’s a landslide victory for Tim Tebow. Not only is he the “hometown kid” (native Floridian), but he leads the entire NFL in jersey sales. Hey Dolphins Front Office…can you say, "cha-ching!"

I could go on-and-on of why this makes perfect sense, but I believe I’ve made my point. If Miami can’t make a trade for either player, I would ask that true ‘Fins fans refrain from booing Chad Henne. Until he’s replaced by a more talented QB... he’s “the man”, so we might as well support him thus our team.

What do you think?