Free Dolphin Shout Bumper Stickers From Build A Sign!

Hey guys, I wanted to take some time on this less eventful day to give away some high quality Dolphin Shout bumper stickers that I received for free from Build A Sign.

All you guys have to do is send me $.50 through Paypal to pay for mailing the bumper sticker. I am not making any profit from this at all. This is just a way for me to get Dolphin Shout out there and visible to as many people as possible.

And the bumper stickers themselves are extremely high quality and would look great on your car. I customized them with Build A Sign, and they came to me a few days later looking really great.

Here is a picture of the bumper sticker (and the letter that it came in) that you would receive:

If you guys would like a bumper sticker just send the fifty cents through Paypal to, and also email me at to tell me the address to mail it to.

Thanks you guys for stopping by, and if you want custom bumper stickers, custom signs, custom banners, or anything else just go to They really do have very high quality stuff. I promise that you guys will like what they have.

Thanks again, and be sure to check them out.