I Think I Saw a Football Team Last Night

A few wins can really make a difference can't it? The only thing that seemed to be missing last night were a few turnovers and a little more pressure on their QB.

This night belongs to Chad Henne. Who was that impersonator out there? He had, what, one throw that was off to the left sidelines, and even that was more like a throw away pass. He really took care of the ball. I can't remember a time when he was more accurate. The crossing patterns he threw were right on the money and for once the check down throws were taken because no one was open down field, not because they were his primary option as I have seen in the past. Good job Henne, good job!!!!

Kudos to the offensive line, Pouncey and the interior lineman made it easy for Bush, Thomas, and Hilliard to run. Also did it look like Big Lou Polite was his old self to you? It did to me. He cleaned up anything the offensive lineman missed. Just a great job by that unit. They set the tone for the entire game.

Can anyone cover Clyde Gates on the deep pass routes? I don't think so. Every wide receiver looked good. Henne and Marshall looked to be getting better. Bess and Hartline? Doesn't seem to me that there is anyone who can cover those guys. Even Fasano looked good.

Some credit must go to Daboll. There seemed to be a purpose to each and every play, and the spread formation made easier to run the ball. I have no idea what the rushing average per play was but it wasn't 3.4 yards a carry, I can tell you that. It looked closer to 5 yards a pop. Now that is a running game!!! Plus, since when did Tony Sparano go from the Scare Crow to the Lion? I did not see a yellow brick road. :)

I didn't mention the defense, actually I didn't need to. The corner backs didn't let anyone get open. For that matter did the Panthers even have any WRs on the field? If so they were taken out of the game by two erasers, of Davis and Smith. Who is that guy #47? I think his name is Justin? from San Diego? He was all over the field.

Yes I know, look at who we played, but you know what? The guys still executed the plays, the offensive line blocked, the runners found the holes, the passer made the throws, and the wide outs made the catches. Plus the defense stopped all of those things.

It's a good day in Dolphin Land.