Matt Moore Outshines Chad Henne in Miami's Pre Season Primer

Hello Dol-Fans!

Miami’s Pre Season debut was a football horror show the first half, but fortunately the Defense (and Matt Moore) rallied in the second to salvage the game.

Matt Moore “looked the part” over Chad Henne last Friday, which will do absolutely nothing to bolster the teams (nor fans) confidence in him, or his ability to lead the Offense this season. He appeared off balance and awkward at times, showed moderately poor progression with his reads, and struggled again controlling the velocity on his short to intermediate throws, consequently resulting in his first pick. He did surprisingly make a positive play with on a seven yard scamper for a first down; that’s refreshing! It’s crystal clear that dusk is rapidly approaching on Henne’s time as the starting QB, unless he miraculously improves in the next two weeks. I fully expect HC Tony Sparano and OC Brian Daboll to give him at least two more Pre Season games, to “show his stuff” before they’ll be forced to make “the call.”

On a more positive note, I was very encouraged with Matt Moore’s performance and command of the Offense. He was able to connect on some downfield passes, stood tall in the pocket and delivered accurate passes with defenders in his face, and energized me as a fan. Though he wasn’t razor sharp, I hope to see more of him running with the first stringer’s in the remaining Pre Season games.

Whom do you prefer leading our Offense in 2011, Chad Henne or Matt Moore?