The Miami Dolphins 2011 Schedule, a Tedious Chase to 9-7!!

Mannn, why is it that The Miami Dolphins schedule never seems easy, even as a third-place team??

Once again it appears on paper as though we'll likely be chasing 500. throughout the year..
Obviously, we're not aware of the possible all important intangible factors that might be in store for any of the Thirty-Two league teams including OUR MIAMI DOLPHINS!!
However, lets go-ahead and suggest and/or pretend that it all evens-out in the end..??

We start-out the 2011 season at Home on a Monday night September 12th with what would traditionally (before the season begins)appear to be an opening-day match up versus an extremely scary opponent referred to as the New England Patriots.. After what might be an ugly start to the season we then face somewhat less frightening games at home vs Houston and at Cleveland, followed by a tough trip to San Diego.. Then we have a bye to prepare for a nemeses-trip to the New York Jets violent atmosphere, previous to what appears as an easier one, tougher, tougher, easier, easier, tougher, easier, tougher, easier,(you get the jest of it),with an extremely tough final two at the Patriots and versus the Jets to close the season!!

Now trust me, I realize that there aren't any "easy" games on an NFL teams schedule, though in the manner I illustrated the schedule above was the simplest option of exhibiting the unlikeliness of our Dolphins going on a four, or five-plus game winning streak without the redundant mention of every team we play!!
From this observers point of view it doesn't seem to set-up well for a momentous stretch of victories, or losses, but more of a tedious chase of 500. in the pursuit of one game at a time while trying to win nine or ten in executing plays when rare opportunities present themselves!!

Beyond the norm of Road games with-in the division (NY week six Monday-night),(Buffalo in December week 15),(NE in December Christmas-Eve week 16)!! We also have extremely tough road match ups at San Diego week 4, NY Giants (Halloween)week 8, KC Chiefs week 9, and Dallas Cowboys(on Thanksgiving Day)week 12!! AGAIN we're supposed to get an easier schedule as a third-place team!! Does at Cleveland in week three as the only appearing to not be treacherous road game Qualify as an easy third-place road schedule?? I think not, I mean a road-game is one thing, a road-game on a Holiday versus premiere teams with-in the league provides an even more nightmarish scenario for a visiting teams potential victory!!
However,I'll make no-excuses, we have to beat those that are on our schedule that we're able to beat!!

Besides the norm of inner-division Home games on week one versus NE, week eleven vs Buffalo, and week 17 vs NYets on (New Years Day)!!
We get somewhat of a home schedule reprieve with only the Philadelphia Eagles in week fourteen being a ridiculously scary match up, which follows less intimidating Home games in week two vs Houston, seven Denver, ten Washington, and week 13 vs Oakland!!
Guess the schedulers didn't want us going 1 - 7 at Home, and/or 6 - 2 on the road??

Like I suggested, on paper!!
Our schedule ("a Tedious Chase of 9 - 7")doesn't look intimidating due to who we were(a 3rd place 2010 team), it would look intimidating for most ANY TEAM, other than possibly the elite, IMHO!!
I'm one of the belief that our New and Improved 2011 Miami Dolphins will execute a majority of the rare opportunities required to win the games they're supposed to win along with a defeat or two of the teams that are more than likely to beat us considering times and destinations!!

Minus knowing what all important intangibles will assist and/or befuddle each and every team!! This is how I'd suggest it all might turn-out!?!???

14 - 2 Patriots (division winner)
12 - 4 Steelers (division winner)
11 - 5 Ravens (fifth seed WC)
10 - 6 Chargers (division winner)
9 - 7 Colts (division winner)
9 - 7 DOLPHINS (Sixth-seed WC Tie-Breaker Scenario's Below??)
9 - 7 NYets ( head to head in week 6 at NY and week 17 in Miami)!!
9 - 7 Chiefs ( we play'em head to head in KC week 9 ) !!
9 - 7 Texans ( we play'em head to head in Miami week 2 )!!
7 - 9 Jags
7 - 9 Titans
6 - 10 Bills
6 - 10 Raiders
5 - 11 Broncos
5 - 11 Browns
3 - 13 Bengals

Miami Dolphins Schedule

THANK-YOU for an open-minded reading, and PLEASE give us your analogies and/or predictions!!

GO M I A M I D O L P H I N S !!!