The Miami Dolphins Have and Will Compete with the BIG BOYS!!

"Missed it by that much!"

Ok everybody, into the "Cone of Silence." I wouldn't want this to fall upon deaf-ears, or into the hands of the evil empire known as KAOS!! Ok ok ok ok, can you hear me hear me hear me hear me?? Damn Echo echo echo echo!! CLICK!! Okayyy can you hear me now??

THE MIAMI DOLPHINS are plenty good enough to play with, compete, and beat the Big-Boyz or anybody on most given Sundays!!

In 2010 with chaos abound from top to bottom, beginning to end, while having to alter the week to week game plan and roster due to a second year in a row with a multitude of injuries, OUR MIAMI DOLPHINS were still able to give most every opponent "all they could handle" statistically, while coming-up just one play short (in any one phase of the game) of victory in most cases!! Hence the "Missed It By That Much!"

In Week 3 we lost to the NYets by one score despite out-producing them in every offensive category. We held the ball for five minutes longer than the NotYets!! We lost the Turn-over battle 0 to 1, and special teams were not so special in being absolutely brutal!!

In Week 4 we were smoked by New England on the scoreboard while we smoked them in every offensive category and held the ball for 5 minutes longer than them. We lost the turnover battle 0-4 and special teams were again absolutely brutal!!

In Week 6 we BEAT the eventual Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers by three points while out-producing them in every offensive category. We held the ball for 9 minutes longer than Super Bowl Champs Green Bay!! We (tied them 1 to 1 in the Turn-over battle)!!

In Week 7 we lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers, no thanks to the Zebras!! We kept pace with them in every offensive category including time of possession and turnover battle!!

In Week 9 the Baltimore Ravens kicked our butts by 16 while painting our defenders jerseys with white yardage chalk!! We lost the time of possession battle by 17 minutes, and the turnover battle 0-3. Our special teams were absent again, too!! I also seem to recall a questionable incident that changed the flow and momentum of that game in the Ravens favor (can't recall the incident), but they kicked our butts fair and square which resulted in the beginning of the end (if the Steeler fiasco hadn't already done that)!

In Week 13 we BEAT the NYets despite losing the yardage, time of possession, and turnover battles!!

In Week 17 we didn't show up because the game was meaningless to both teams and the league. It would have been senseless to play with reckless abandon and risk the possibility of some of our players going into the off season with an injury!!

Pretty Impressive considering the offensive line and what looked to be a chaotic situation from top to bottom and beginning to end from our (the fans) point of view!!

OUR MIAMI DOLPHINS were able to compete with the BigBoyz, for the most part, through an indescribable set of circumstances in 2010!!

We can play with, compete, and will beat the Big-Boyz on a regular basis in the near future with cohesion throughout all three phases of the game!! While adding ridiculous speed (which was non-existent in 2010) at every offensive skill position, an aggressive 2011 offensive approach, and another year under the Head-Coaches belt can't hurt either!!

All the above with an offense and quarterback that some suggest to be incapable and a defense that dropped twenty interceptions off the hands and/or chest, SEVEN of which that were guaranteed pick sixes, and half of them would have resulted in walk off victories equaling 10-plus wins and a couple more wins vs the Big-Boyz!!

Even if the Dolphins have an unheard of 3rd consecutive year of magnified, unfavorable luck on the injury front and the same players as last year (which obviously isn't the case) our Dolphins simply have to turn the ball over less, and make the most of the turnover opportunities offered to them to win in a more fashionable and consistent manner!!

I don't see how every phase of our game doesn't get remarkably better, regardless of the unforeseen circumstances of the lockout!!

So, do you think we fans should go into the 2011 season waiving a Miami Dolphins Hankie or a surrendering white flag??

GO M I A M I D O L P H I N S !!

After viewing the stats be sure to read the AP's recap story, where in most cases it's explained that it was a total team effort in shooting ourselves in the foot, and not that of any one individual in any particular game!!

Week 3 Jets

Week 4 Pats

Week 6 Packers

Week 7 Steelers

Week 9 Ravens

Week 13 Jets

THANKS for reading with an open mind,
and THANKS for whatever opinions you'd like to contribute!!