Miami Dolphins QB Chad Henne Exudes Maturity and Confidence!

This quote alone does warrant some positive consideration in regards to the mentality of Chad Henne, the Miami Dolphins current QB!! It is courtesy of Andrew Carter of the Sun Sentinel

"Well I mean, everywhere you go you're going to get critiqued and obviously I know I need to improve as a player. But I'm still young and I've taken steps forward to improving and I work hard at it and I take pride in what I do out there. And obviously I take all the risk and critiques about it but overall I just want to improve and help the team win and get to the playoffs and one day a Super Bowl."

I also thought this next quote was accurate and was a positive display of his mature mentality (also courtesy of Andrew Carter)!

Henne on the draft going by without the Dolphins drafting a QB and whether that made him happy:
"Sure, I mean, it does. And that shows the coaching staff has confidence in me, still, and my abilities. But at the same time, it's the NFL, it's a business, you're always going to be competing for your job unless you're Tom Brady and Peyton Manning out there that are on top of the world. But for myself, I want to get to that level and I believe in my ability that I can."!!

I'm not saying he can, it's just good to know that he thinks he can become Brady or Manning. I honestly don't think he has a chance, but Brady and Manning don't win the Super Bowl every year either!!

Chad Henne has a very productive mentality that makes people successful in different phases of life. He's intelligent, mature, poised, and easily meets the NFL's arm requirements. Now, he needs to understand the speed of the game while improving upon the mental prowess and footwork required to be an NFL pocket passer!!

If he can accomplish my bold sentences to some extent he'll become a far better than average NFL QB, especially with a lil help from his friends!!
If he isn't able to improve upon his weaknesses (highly unlikely) and/or get a lil help from his friends, he'll fail!

Intelligence, maturity, and poise are good starting points for an NFL QB, but damn I wish he had the natural pocket awareness and footwork too!!

Now let's compare Henne with Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco. Who says that Matt Ryan is that much better than Chad Henne? I mean, both Ryan and Flacco fell into great situations with star players on both sides of the ball!!

If Henne had what Ryan and Flacco have had to work with, and vice versa, their status as NFL players early in their careers could also, quite possibly, have been reversed!! Had we taken Matt Ryan over J Long we might be saying, "Damn we shoulda taken Jake Long and CH in the 2nd" (considering what Henne might have been able to accomplish in ATL as their 2nd round pick)..

With that said, I believe that Ryan is better than Henne, but not by as much as it seems. Most are a product of their environment, and Henne's surroundings to this point haven't been advantageous!! He did, however, out-produce six playoff QBs yardage wise last year, and had only 400 yards fewer than Ryan, who has superstar's @ every skill position and an OLine!!

JUSAYIN.. It's something else to consider!!

Here's an example of how much luck is involved in finding an elite, Francise QB:
I just watched "Dan Marino Heart of a Champion" and Shula said, "In the '83draft we didn't even consider taking a QB. We had David Woodley and had just played in the SB. We were set on taking a defensive lineman, but when Marino fell to us we thought, 'well maybe we should go another direction,'
and thank heavens we did cuz the DLineman turned-out to be a bust." Danny also turned out to be a bust, just that his bust is in the Hall Of Fame instead!!

One last thought to leave you guys with: Miami would be wise to take a chance on Terrelle Pryor, because the opportunities at elite/francise QB's are too few and too far between!!

THANKS for reading, and THANKS for your input!! GOFINS!!