The Miami Dolphins Have Had Zero to Minimal Legitimate Franchise QB opportunities

Hey fellow FIN-fo FIN-addicts, hope your day's going well!

It has come to my attention that many fans believe the conservative approach of not making a bold move to draft a QB high has left us without a franchise guy?

I don't see it as though we've been conservative. I see it as there really hasn't been a legit "bold move to draft a QB high in the first round" opportunity!!

Other than (not near proven) Tim Tebow or (not yet near elite or Franchise QB) Joe Flacco (who we'd have likely taken instead of Merling at 32 had Baltimore not jumped 12 spots to take him at 16) we've never really had many, if any, reasonable opportunities at first round, legit, elite, and/or Franchise QBs.

In 2005 we took Ronnie with the second pick of the first round (no brainer at the time) because we were in dire need of a running back!! Aaron Rodgers was projected to be taken between ten and twenty, and would have been a huge reach at number two, and he wasn't taken until 24th by Green Bay!! We might have gone after him with the overall second pick of the second round, but again Green Bay took him before that opportunity came to be!! Of course in hindsight, we all wish we'd have taken that leap, but everybody would have been crying about the leap for several years as it took him five years to reach his current status as an NFL Elite Franchise Quarterback!!

In 2006 we picked Jason Allen at 16, while Vince Young was picked at 3, Matt Leinart at 10, and Jay Cutler at 11. None are Franchise QBs yet, and they may never be!!

Since Dan Marino (other than Matt Ryan who would have been taken in place of a three time Pro-Bowler and the number one NFL OLineman among his peers), we haven't truly had a legitimate opportunity at any of one of these "legitimate" first round QBs!! Good to Elite to Franchise QBs such as Bradford, Stafford, Flacco (maybe?), Vince Young, Eli Manning, Phillip Rivers, Ben Roethlisberger, Carson Palmer, Michael Vick, Donovan McNabb, and Peyton Manning were never anywhere near where we might have been able to snag 'em!!

Truly the only opportunities we missed-out on were Matt Ryan (who we could have taken instead of Jake Long) and Aaron Rodgers (who would have been a reach at the time)!! The only other opportunity we've had and didn't act upon was in not pursuing Free Agent Drew Brees who was, at the time, a one year wonder coming off of Tommy John shoulder surgery!! All would have been the answer in hindsight, but not getting them at that instance and under those circumstances, would have been considered too conservative?? Today? Absolutely I'd agree!!

Below are the actual placements of QBs taken, and the actual placement of FIN picks!!

First round QBs taken (note the number of the actual pick)!!

Fin first round picks (note the number of the actual selection we had)!!

When they were rarely there to be had in the top 5 to 10 we picked in the mid to late 20, and when we had a reasonable chance to move up into the top 5 to 10 legit QBs weren't available!!

Never a "bold move" opportunity to be had at what are now good to elite to franchise QBs!! Not really any of our regime's faults. The cards just haven't fallen face up, or in our favor whatsoever!!

At least that's the way I see it, and I don't see how it can be visualized much differently when looking at the actual numbers we had and where the great's were picked!!

Gotta be in the right place at the right time, just the luck of the draw!!

The only "legitimate" options we had were to name a few, Brady Quinn, Jason Campbell, PJ Losman, Kyle Boeller, Rex Grossman, Patrick Ramsey, or Jim Druckenmiller??

So, I ask you, if you've been the Miami Dolphin GM since Danny, who would our Good to Elite to Franchise Quarterback be today?? GOOD-LUCK!!

But remember, it has to be a "Legit Opportunity". Not a Ditka type Ricky deal, and also consider who we actually did get!!