Questioning the Competence of the Dolphins Front Office

Hello Dol-Fans!

The Miami Dolphins Front Office has made another classic blunder. They released a young budding talent for a big name veteran free agent with little hope of productivity remaining.

In case you haven’t heard… our beloved ‘Fins brain-trust just signed RB Larry Johnson. While I applaud some of GM Ireland’s recent veteran acquisitions (i.e. RB/WR/PR Reggie Bush, ILB Kevin Burnett, and DE/OLB Jason Taylor), I really must question what he believes he gains by adding Johnson to the Dolphins Offensive arsenal? Remember him? Former K.C. Chiefs star workhorse, who had two magnificent back-to-back 1,750 yd. rushing seasons (in 2005 and 2006), then disappeared. Yep; that’s the one!

Like many RB wonders of the modern football era, Johnson hit his prime, peaked in the rushing world, then vanished, amongst the likes of: Ahman Green, Jamal Lewis, and Shaun Alexander. He hasn’t accomplished anything of substance in over 5 years, and now he’s 31 years old and undoubtedly in decline. If the Dolphins are lucky, he may have enough gas left in this overused tank to be a viable fourth RB option, and/or Scout Team tackling dummy. Beyond that… I see no further value here.

To raise eyebrows even further, Miami’s head shed then released the young and blooming RB Kory Sheets to clear the way for Johnson’s arrival. Take a moment to logically weigh this decision. Our team lost a younger RB that’s just beginning to show flashes of his potential and hasn’t yet reached him prime, for an over the hill RB that has the well documented history of being a poor teammate, social outcast, and trouble maker. Does this make sense to you?

I understand that teams require depth at every position, but is the market so depleted that our ‘Fins must go shopping for a RB other teams put out to pasture years 5 years ago? What’s next? Should we ask Emmitt Smith or Curtis Martin to return to action for Miami?

This roster move may not seem significant to many, but think about this for a second. Goodness forbid our RB’s get bitten by the injury bug this season, and Larry Johnson's next up on the depth chart. Do you really want him carrying the rushing load this season? I don't!

What are your thoughts?