Miami Dolphins "Pod" Scheme To Rescue "Tredding" Chad Henne Part 1: Mike Pouncey

Here's a lil' something to think about that I wrote the day after the draft about the Miami Dolphins and Mike Pouncey!!

FYI: For those who don't know, a Pod is a group of Bottle-Nosed Dolphins.

John Gruden, former NFL head coach, who is now an ESPN analyst suggested about Mike Pouncey,
"Size wise he's a perfect center. He's a little over 300 pounds. This guy can pull. He can get on the perimeter and run. He's going to be a factor in the second level."

"The Dolphins figured the best way to enhance the offense, which averaged 3.7 yards per carry and allowed 38 sacks, was to find a player who could make the second level blocks that were missing from the running game. Berger struggled in that category, and Incognito struggled pulling!!"

"The team's line of thinking was that if they improved the running game, the load would be lightened for whoever is playing quarterback next season."

Interesting concept!!
Where have I heard that before? Hmmm?? Along with the hopes of some offensive line health and reliability equaling cohesion, that couldn't help but "lighten the load" from any QBs shoulder's (including the deaf, dumb, and blind)!!

The acquisition of Mike Pouncey along with the hopes of his success was made with the intention of "killing three birds with one stone." By that I mean the inconsistency of the O-Line, running backs, and quarterbacks would all be improved upon in one POUNCE!!

"Pouncey, who is 6-5, 303 pounds, was universally rated as the top interior lineman in the 2011 draft because of his ability to pull and anchor the pivot of the offensive line. During former czar Bill Parcells' ESPN special Pouncey was the only interior lineman with a first-round grade."

Very Cool! At pick number 15 we get THE BEST GUY at his position and at the position of most need to us!! In 2010 the opposing defenses could simply eliminate half of the play possibilities coming at them just by realizing which Center was in and what his particularly extreme weaknesses were!! The opposition won't have that advantage with a center like Mike Pouncey, who can do it all from the Center position while keeping defenses guessing, rather than knowing the likelihood of what type of play is coming at them!!

Chad Henne played behind nearly 14 different starting offensive lines in 2010, so some consistency on the line will only help him!!

We just may end-up having something in Chad Henne after all?? With a true, well-rounded center, a reasonably healthy and cohesive O-Line, QB friendly play-calling, Speed abound at every offensive position, Special Teams Kick/Punt returners, and Dolphin Defensive Backs that actually catch interceptions. None of that was present in 2009 or 2010, but it should be in 2011 because of Miami's offseason acquisitions.

And, if that is indeed the case, I'd personally guarantee that we will have "something" special in Chad Henne, or whoever for that matter!! In my honest opinion 2011's Miami Dolphins Quarterback can't help but be time and a half more productive should a majority of the above come to fruition!!

So, WHATAYA think about the Mike Pouncey pick and Part One of The Dolphins scheme to rescue the Miami quarterbacks??

THANKS for reading with reason and including your input!! GOFINS!!

Stay tuned for Part Two on running backs and overall offensive team speed soon!!