Ronald Fields? Really?

I see that Ronald Fields, a defensive lineman from the Denver Broncos, has been acquired by the Miami Dolphins. Now, I don't know what we spent on him, but, from looking at his stats I just have to wonder if we wasted more money on him.

He has been in the NFL for seven years, has played in 81 games, with 25 starts. He has played in a lot of games with 1, I repeat, 1 sack! What does he bring to the Miami Dolphins that the two idiots at the top thought we should have traded for, or spent money on? I predict he will be part of the cuts made before the regular season begins.

Is this another brain dead move by the Miami Dolphins, or am I missing something? At least they got Taylor back as Paul reported earlier. Glad to hear they did something right.

What do you think?