Shaun O'Hara is talking to the Miami Dolphins

According to, the Miami Dolphins are hosting center Shaun O'Hara about possibly signing him to the team. The first question that came to my mind is, why? We just signed Mike Pouncey who is very good at that position, so why are we focusing on what we don't need? Then, while reading the article at PhinNation, I remembered that Mike can also play other positions, such as right guard. I still question whether we need to bring in another center when we have other needs. One part of me says that O'Hara is a 3 time pro bowl selection and would further beef up our offensive line, and to put him with someone like Pouncey would be just another benefit to the Miami Dolphins. That being said, should we be looking at a 34 year old center when we have such a prospect with a young guy like Pouncey? Should we use that money to go after a player we really need?

I do think that we have made some good moves, but have we made, and are we making the moves that will save a couple of guys' jobs at the end of the season? I hardly think that Ross can afford to give them more chances than he has with a lot of the fans calling on a boycott and people's heads to roll. I won't boycott my team, but I am getting fed up with losing seasons after all of the money that has been spent.

Anyway, enough ranting and being negative. This may be a great move, as we all know our offensive line has needed help for a long time. What do you guys think and would you do something different?
Thanks for reading and feel free to leave your thoughts.