Terrelle Pryor is Eligible for the Supplemental Draft, Should the Miami Dolphins Try and Pick Him Up?

Terrelle Pryor is officially eligible for the Supplemental NFL Draft next Monday, and I want to know if you guys think that the Miami Dolphins should offer up a pick for him.

Pryor decided to attempt to enter the supplemental draft because of the whole mess with the NCAA, Ohio State, and improper benefits. The supplemental draft was actually scheduled to take place Wednesday, but the people in charge of deciding whether players were eligible ended up postponing it to Monday next week in order to have more time to decide on the Pryor situation.

The only catch with Pryor is that he has a five game suspension, so while he will be able to practice once he joins a team, he won't actually be allowed on the field for five games. He can play in the preseason, but once the regular season starts he will have to serve his suspension.

Now, to the question: should the Dolphins try and get Pryor? I will say right now that I don't think he will be worth it. In the supplemental draft teams offer the best pick that they are willing to give up for players, and if their offer is the best then they get that player and lose that pick in the NFL Draft the following year. I have heard that teams may offer as high as a third or fourth round pick for him, and that is too much in my opinion. The third pick of next year's draft is way too valuable for a player that won't even be available during the beginning of the season.

So basically the Dolphins will be getting a backup quarterback for this year if they draft Pryor. He definitely won't be the starter because of the simple fact that he won't be able to be on the field when he is needed. You don't want your starting quarterback finally coming in after missing five games.

What Miami needs to do is go all in with Chad Henne. I wouldn't mind if the Dolphins offered a 6th or 7th round pick for Pryor, but they would still need to leave Henne as the permanent starter. It's too late to make any big changes, especially at quarterback when are talking about completely different style quarterbacks who require completely different gameplans and offensive structure.

Thanks for stopping by, and let me hear your reactions.