What Is Happening To The Miami Dolphins Offensive Line?

The Miami Dolphins offensive line is starting to concern me a little bit. They didn't play well against the Atlanta Falcons, and they were torn up by the Dolphins defense in yesterday's practice.

I know that Miami doesn't have Jake Long in, but the LT wasn't the only problem. One big problem that might not be changed once the season starts is Marc Colombo, who is currently at the starting Right Tackle spot. Colombo has not been very good, and I am concerned that the Dolphins won't have anyone to replace him.

So all of this is happening, and you're probably wondering what's happening to Miami's offensive line?

In all honesty, I don't know. I believe Tony Sparano is trying to give the line some time to gel and work together well before making changes. That's something that he didn't do last year, and he is trying to do it this year.

I understand what he's doing, but I think he should make the changes now instead and allow the line time to work together afterwards. It is a much more manageable problem to fix now than it would be during the beginning or middle of the season.

One move that the Dolphins made that they might start to regret is moving Vernon Carey from right tackle to right guard. I know Carey wasn't the best tackle ever, but I am pretty sure that he was better than Colombo is.

We'll see, though. Hopefully things will pick up, because if they don't then there will be no point in us debating about quarterbacks because whoever is back there will just get sacked every time.

Thanks for reading, and let me know your thoughts and observations of the line.