As Disappointing as This Season Has Been So Far for the Miami Dolphins, It Isn't Over Yet

Update: The Dolphins have cut Larry Johnson. I guess they are satisfied with the way Daniel Thomas played on Sunday.

I know that the last two weeks have been incredibly frustrating for us Miami Dolphins fans. Miami is 0-2, and now that our offense seems to have become somewhat successful our defense has faltered.

It really seems like it is one thing after another with the Dolphins, but I want to assure you, it isn't all over yet. Are there a lot of things that Miami needs to fix? Absolutely, but the Dolphins are only 0-2. They have been in this situation just a few years ago and they went 11-5 that year.

If the Dolphins can fix the defense (which shouldn't be too too hard because it is practically the same group as last year) and figure out how to score when they are in the red zone, then they should be able to pull together and make a run for the playoffs.

Another concern that I had that I know a lot of you noticed is the fact that Miami didn't seem to play with any fire or desire against the Texans on Sunday. They didn't really seem to play with a lot of intensity, and it showed with a loss that could have just as easily been a win if they were really fired up.

Say what you want, but this team really isn't that bad. They just went up against two great offenses. We won't have many more games like that, and if our defense can get better and our offense can learn to score, then we will be just fine.

Trust me, I know how frustrating it is. I was at the game burning up in the heat that made me more fiery than the players themselves. I'm just saying to give it a few more games. Apparently Jason Taylor has given a speech to the players about how poorly they have been practicing, and hopefully that will be the kick that they need to start going. Maybe they will understand that they need to play with intensity, because if they do then they could end up being a great team this year.

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