A Dolphins Loss This Sunday Could Spell the End for Sparano

Hello Dol-Fans!

A volcanic explosion is brewing under our beloved Dolphins team, and even more so under Head Coach (HC) Tony Sparano’s already scorching hot seat.

At 0 – 2, the team has yet to perform up to expectation, and it’s only a matter of time before Majority Owner Steven Ross pulls the trigger. Should Miami lose in Cleveland Sunday, I’d put money on the odds that Sparano’s looking for work by Monday.

Ross has already proved he’s willing to entertain this idea last offseason, when attempting to lure John Harbaugh to South Beach then shockingly extended Sparano’s contract. I have no doubt that with a former HC (now DC) Mike Nolan already on staff, the possibility making such a dramatic and swift move is very likely, should he deem it necessary.

In the infamous words of our President, “let me be clear…” I don’t wish our team bad fortunes this week; quite the contrary! I’m extremely anxious for our boys to break into the “W column” this season. I’m also a realist, and Steven Ross has invested way too much money to continue to see his investment sink.

What do you think?