Cleveland QB Shows Dolphins How to Win.

Once again, the Dolphins came up short. Most fans will fixate on a defense that could not hold the Browns on the game winning drive, but the inability of the Dolphin offense to step-up in critical situations led to the defeat. Squandered scoring opportunities and a pathetic final drive proved Miami’s undoing. Chad Henne does not have the mental tools or leadership skills to win in the NFL and the Dolphins season is over as a result.

Needing only ten yards to drive the team into field goal range with 45 seconds left, Henne gained nothing and turned the ball over on downs. Inside the redzone Henne stared down his receivers, never scanned the field and threw uncatchable passes. The statistics will indicate a decent performance, but the scoreboard shows otherwise.

Jeff Ireland’s inability to bring in a QB to challenge Henne leaves the Dolphins with no other option but to continue losing. It is beginning to look like Ireland has set Tony Sparano up to fail and the true losers are the Dolphin fans. Steven Ross will feel the need to do something and it will cost Sparano his job, but Ross’ fellow Michigan alumnus is the true culprit.

When the team needed a true leader to carry the day, the QB failed. Pundits will argue that Henne threw great passes to Brian Hartline, but moving the ball between the twenties means nothing in the NFL. When the Dolphins were near the endzone Henne looked like he was hoping something would happen. Henne’s job is to make something happen, and he failed, again.

The defense did not hold the Browns in the final two minutes and like the offense, no leader stepped up and made a difference. The players’ only meeting did nothing to inspire the team and again the coaches will take the blame for a group of players that rolled over on the field.

The Dolphin players have no heart and it starts with Henne…

The Dolphins will continue to lose until they find a QB with the talent and leadership skills necessary to compete in the NFL.