ESPN First Take, out of touch !!!

Dana Jacobson and Skip Bayless of ESPN first take made a fleeting comment about Chad Henne not getting the ball into the endzone against the Patriots this past week. Are they kidding me ?

I have done my share of pointing out Henne's faults. There is simply no facts to base what they said about Henne on today's show. Henne scored 2 TDs passing and ran another one in for a score. He hit Brandon Marshall at the goal line with a pass that Brandon dropped after Marshall ran a pattern that was not deep enough to score on anyway.

Miami took advantage of the only play the defense made in the entire game when he converted Odrick's interception into a TD pass to Hartline. There is absolutely no way this loss can be hung on Chad Henne. His passer rating was over 93, with 417 yards passing 2 TDs, and a meaningless pick with seconds to go in a 14 point loss. If it weren't for that interception his passer rating would have been about 110. This is simply uninformed bias reporting.

This loss is on the defense. I don't care who we play. If our defence gives up 622 yards the team is going to lose. There are no excuses for that type of performance, none.