Fans Conditioned.

Are we fans Conditioned to losing ? I think we are. Over the past week we have been talking about fan support or lack there of.

Personally I don't think there is a lack of support. What I do think is we want so much for our favourite players to succeed that we don't see they are not playing very well. We support them no matter what !! Even if that means we are losing games that are winnable.

So it's all right to lose because they are still our team, and our favourite player/s look good to us. We are conditioned to lose. It has been so long since we have had a really good team, being average is good enough. We can look back and say well we are better than 5 years ago. So we use that as a crutch and defend what have. Thinking that if we change, things will be worse once again. Basically we go year after year with the same record, playing up to or down to the competition week to week. The losing has conditioned the fans as well as the team.