It's a New Year for the Miami Dolphins

So here we are, after an interesting off season to say the least. Since the end of last season Boss Ross tried to replace Tony Sparano, flying out with Jeff Ireland, Bill Peterson in tow to secure a new head coach. Once Harbaugh turned him away, he came back home with his tail between his legs and gave TS a raise. Good for Tony, dumb for Ross.

We then we went through a "lockout", which pretty much meant the billionaire owners didn't like the millionaire players making that much money playing a game.

Tony Sparano finally canned the dinosaur Offensive Coordinator and brought in Daboll. Tony also seemed to find a brain (I guess he made a visit to the land of Oz). Tony didn't replace Chad Henne? Maybe he received the wrong brain from the Wizard? Or maybe Daboll suggested Henne wasn't the problem and the search was called off.

In any event we are days away from the real season, and we sure open up with a doozee. We are about to find out if Henne and Company can play 4 quarters against the best players in the World of Professional Football. Will the lock out shortened off season hurt the team, will Tony manage the games better, will Daboll use the Wild Cat, will Henne finally get it, will the offensive line be any better, will Reggie Bush be any more than a 3rd down back, and will Thomas and Hilliard be better than Brown and Williams in the backfield.

Most of all will the changes help the team move forward. I sure hope they do, I am tired of seeing nearly the same results year after year. I'm not getting any younger as the years roll past.