The Miami Dolphins Need to Play for 60 Minutes

The Texans present a mental challenge for the Dolphins and it is time Miami broke the losing streak. Miami has lost to the Texans 6 times by an average of less than 3 points. This game reeks of a breakout by Miami. There is no logical reason for the Houston dominance. There is no natural rivalry, there are no division implications, and the truth is Miami has beaten themselves in many of these games.

The key to this game is simple; eliminate the critical mistakes that have allowed the Texans to win games they should have lost. This is a team Miami can score on, with Brandon Marshall taking advantage of smallish corner backs. Forcing Mario Williams to cover Anthony Fasano can slow down his pass rush.

There is no elaborate plan needed for this game, aggressive, hard-nosed, mistake free football will beat the Texans. Miami needs to dictate the pace of the game from on onset. The Dolphins have left Houston hanging around in past games and they have lost many times in the final minute. Starting fast has not helped the Dolphins when they have let down in the final minutes.

60 minutes of aggressive football and the Dolphins will win.