Through good times and bad, always remember how fortunate we are to have one 3 hour opportunity on each and every week-end between August and January to be appreciative of the entertainment that OUR BELOVED MIAMI DOLPHINS bring to our lives!!



March 3

Minneapolis lawyer Joseph Robbie meets AFL Commissioner Joe Foss in Washington, and Foss advises Robbie to apply for an expansion franchise in Miami.

May 6

Joseph Robbie meets Miami Mayor Robert King High to ascertain the availability of the Orange Bowl stadium, and the mayor agrees to invite the AFL to Miami.

June 7

AFL Executive Committee votes to expand in 1966 at a meeting in Monmouth Park, N.J.

August 16

AFL awards its first expansion franchise to Joseph Robbie and television star Danny Thomas for $7.5 million..

October 8

Dolphins Name
Mariners, Marauders, Mustangs, Missiles, Moons, Sharks, Suns none of those other names suggested to the American Football League expansion franchise in 1965 could raise a fin to the runaway winner.

"Dolphins" was submitted by 622 entrants in a contest which attracted 19,843 entries and more than a thousand different names. The dozen finalists were delivered to a seven-member screening committee of local media.

The bottle-nosed dolphin, an intelligent creature with an irresistible built-in grin, has inspired wonder for centuries. Plutarch observed 1,900 years ago that the dolphin "is the only creature who loves man for his own sake."

"The dolphin is one of the fastest and smartest creatures of the sea," Joe Robbie said in announcing the team name on October 8, 1965. "Dolphins can attack and kill a shark or a whale. Sailors say bad luck will come to anyone who harms one of them."
Dare'Ye Patriots ??


September 2

Joe Auer returns opening kickoff 95 yards for Dolphin TD in first ever regular-season game, but Oakland wins, 23-14, at Orange Bowl before 26,776 spectators.

October 16

Dolphins end string of nine losses (four in pre-season) by defeating Denver, 24-7, for the first win in franchise history.

October 23

Miami earns the club's first road win with a 20-13 decision over Houston at Rice Stadium.""

1966/70 - 2010
Winning record vs 25 of the other 31 NFL teams!!
Only Oakland and Houston with 6 & 5 more wins(respectively)than we have on them have a distinct winning advantage over us, AND we beat Houston (as stated above) in Houston on August 23 1966 but it doesn't count because it was pre-NFL!!

In 45yrs the Dolphins lost only 7 regular season road games more than they've won..

In 45yrs the Dolphins forced us to endure only 11 losing seasons
(5 in the last 7 and 4 during the expansion years 66 - 69) with a couple others scattered about..

In 45yrs unlike any other franchise, practically half of our seasons resulted in Playoff appearances!!

Several other cities put in their 1965 bids for an expansion franchise!!
We might have ended-up rooting for the Idaho Spuds, the Utah Mormons, or any one of "" more than a thousand different other team names""?? No Dis-respect intended!!
Win or lose, through good and bad, how can one not be appreciative of how fortunate we truly are as Miami Dolphin fans!!

Now.. I understand that our team has had a severely rough past five or so years, while fan morale is low, but I'd like to suggest that in spite of it all our Dolphins have remained a team of high class and character that will fight with all their hearts to the the final whistle in trying to bring happiness to our souls!!THANKS to the Miami Dolphins for their existence along with all the memories, past, present, future, and again someday well into February!!

I myself as a 6 - 10 year old member of the 1965 - 69 PeeWee league Miami Dolphins had the privilege of witnessing all the above Dolphin fortune as well as many other in equatable historical accomplishments, however I do feel for those of you who haven't!! There haven't been many discouraging years along the way until of late due to unforeseen circumstances (Ricky's walk-about, Nick Saban, and Cam Cameron).. The Miami Dolphins truly have been a magical organization from day one in exhibiting humbleness, heart, class, character, and a strong desire to win each & every game in honor of themselves as well as their fans!! I'll personally promise every Dolphin fan on the planet that this organization will return to prominence in the near future so that all who've yet to witness the Dolphin aura, as well as future generations will one day be as passionately proud as I am of YOUR MIAMI DOLPHINS!!

Even better-yet, no-matter their imperfections, how-bout we as humans pretend to be as intelligent as porpoises, and ""love the Dolphins for their own sake""!!

There it is, my 46 year passionate fling of purpose with a porpoise..
THANK-YOU for an open-minded reading, in hopes of reminding Fin-fans everywhere that we have been, are, and even through tough times will forever be the one and only Magical Miami Dolphins!!

Now let's go kick the UN-appreciated cheatin Patriots teabags into their throats!!