Miami's Running Game

Hello Dol-Fans!

One definitive lesson we all learned from the Week 1, is that Miami clearly cannot continue sending RB Reggie Bush up the middle. His sub par 3.5yd/carry average was indicative of this, and frankly… I was surprised it was that high. This should’ve been obvious to anyone who knows anything about Reggie, but I digress.

Hey Mr. Daboll, he’s (Bush) a perimeter guy; stop trying to kill him and Offensive drives by deploying this inane tactic!

Ahem, on a more positive note… RB Daniel Thomas and FB/TE/H-Back Charles Clay were full participants in practice yesterday, which hopefully translates into them making their Dolphins debuts on Sunday. If this holds true… our beloved boys from South Beach will have a two-headed monster of thumpers (at 6’1”, 230lbs. and 6’3”, 239 lbs. respectively) to pound the rock between the Tackles, and allow Reggie to hit the corners as he’s intended to do. This can dramatically improve the Offense and their ability to control the game clock, pick-up crucial 1st Downs, score, and most importantly… keep the Texans Offense off the field!

Go ‘Fins Go!