Peter King Predicts Miami Dolphins To Go 6-10

I am a big fan of Peter King and his "Monday Morning Quarterback" segment, but I think that he is way off on this one. Not only did he predict the Miami Dolphins to go 6-10 this year in his NFL preview for Sports Illustrated, he also predicted them to be last in the AFC East behind the Pats, Jets, and the Bills.

Really? The Bills? I know that a lot of people don't expect Miami to be great this season, but does he honestly think that they will be worse than Buffalo? I'm assuming that he hasn't watched any of the Dolphins preseason games, because Henne has looked really good.

What I like the least is that he is basing his argument on the fact that Reggie Bush hasn't been a great regular starter. He doesn't even talk about Daniel Thomas. I know that Thomas isn't considered the starter, but it isn't like Bush will be taking every hand-off up the middle. Thomas will be getting a lot of those, and Bush will be used a lot more to just catch the ball.

He only briefly mentions Chad Henne, and nowhere in there does he mention how good he has looked this year. It annoys me that when Henne finally does start doing well he doesn't get credit for it.

Oh well, the Dolphins will just have to shock the common fan when they beat the Patriots a week from today.

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think.